Pumps & Flowmeters

SWAT stocks a fantastic selection of pumps suited for many applications. We stock the superior range from Liverani, Francesca, Ebara and Mono pumps. In our showrooms we have the range of pumps as well as the spare parts.

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new1SWAT now supplier of ZAMBELLI ENOTECH Pumps!






Flexible impeller pumps and centrifugal pumps.

Wide range of pumps, for small, medium and large wine and/or destemmed grapes transfer.

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Pumps for all stages of the vinification, from the whole grapes to wine transfer.

Different sizes, different accessories, to satisfy any processing situation.

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Oenopompe by PMH Vinicole

A multi-functional helical lobes wine pump

Barrel filling, racking, transfer, filtering, bottling, thermovinification. Our wine pump with flowmeter (innovation 2015) can pump everything: juices, wines, lees, musts, de-stemmed grapes, high temperature juices, cleaning products.

Designed to provide the best pumping quality and to resist the demanding conditions of winery work, OENOPOMPE® is distinctive for its innovative helical lobed rotor technology and its wide range of potential applications.

Four wine pump models:
15 to 130 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 90
25 to 250 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 180
30 to 450 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 340
100 to 600 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 600

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Bucher Vaslin Delta Pumps

The DP Pumps are a peristaltic pump that can pump must or wine. The Delta DP will pump must smoothly and pump wine gently. The Delta PM pump is a helical rotor pump for smooth transfer of must. Please find more information here


Francesca pump

Francesca Rotary Piston Pump is the pump which loves wine!

Francesca is..
– Gentle Decanting with linear and constant liquid flow
– Fully washable and sterilisable at 100 degrees C
– Totally accessibility to all parts in contact with the liquid
– No liquid remains inside at the end of the racking process
– Self priming up to 7.5 metres
– Electronic flow capacity change (manual & automatic)
– Flow reversal from the electronic panel
– Multi-function wireless remote control
– Easy, fast and economic maintenance

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Mono PumpsMONO Pumps
Mono Pumps are a global manufacturer of wide range of pumps suited for many applications. SWAT specialize in selling Mono wine and water pumps and spare parts. Please contact us for the range in stock.  More on our technical page.

Ebara PumpsEbara Pumps
Swat stocks a full range of Ebara Pumps and spare parts including the following:

Ebara CDX Pump; a single impeller all stainless steel pump suitable for beer and wine transfer.

Ebara Submersible Pump; a stainless steel submersible pump. This pump is suitable for wine transfer. 

  • Ebara 2CDX Techdata.pdf
  • Ebara CDX Techdata.pdf
  • Ebara Submersible Fact Sheet.pdf
  • EbaraCD to CDX Dimensions.pdf


    Rover PumpsRover Pumps
    Swat stocks economical Rover Pumps. Made in Italy, these are a viable option for the smaller beverage and olive oil producers and hobbyists alike. Currently in stock are the Novax 20M (1700 L/h) and the Novax 30M 5000 L/h. With forward and reverse function! See also the Rover Pumps Wine Dispenser unit below.

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    Omac Soft Air Diaphragm PumpOmac Soft Air Diaphragm Pump

    Soft-Air series pumps are air operated, double diaphragm positive displacement, self priming pumps designed for pumping fluids including wine and other beverages.

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    Dynasonics Flowmeters

    Dynasonics FlowmetersDynasonics Flowmeters

    Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids
    The Series TFXL ultrasonic fl ow meter clamps onto the outside of a pipe and does not contact the internal liquid. This advanced product provides instantaneous rate and accumulated flows along with 4-20 mA and pulse outputs. Compact integral mount systems can accommodate pipes/tubing two inches (DN 50 mm) and smaller. Remote mount systems are also available for pipe/tubing sizes 1/2 inch (DN 15 mm) and higher.

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