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Choosing the right yeast to create quality.
The yeast is the main character of alcoholic fermentation, which is really one of the most important stages of the whole winemaking process. The choice of the yeast can not be done at random but has to be carried out carefully, following consistent and reliable data. Pascal Biotech, a company belonging to the AEB Group and specialized biotechnologies for winemaking, carefully controls each stage of the yeast selection and production process, in order to be able to give solid answers, suitable to the complex needs of the oenological world.
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White & Aromatic Varietal Wines

Fermol Sauvignon (S.cerevisiae)
(PB 2530 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
It highlights the nuances of aromatic sulphurous compounds (4-mercapto pentanone) highlighting the aromas reminiscent of aromatic herbs, white flowers and nettle. As it produces wines rich in olfactory intensity, it is indicated both for the production of Sauvignon wines and for lending complexity to Tocai, Verdicchio, Garganega wines and, more generally, to white wines produced from well ripened grapes, rich in aromatic precursors.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: White Flowers, aromatic herbs, Elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.07g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14%

    Fermol Arome Plus
    (PB 2010 N. reg. INRA CLIB 2043 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    Fermol® Arôme Plus produces intensely aromatic wines in which the varietal nuances of the cultivar harmoniously combine with the fermentative aromas produced by the yeast. Fermol® Arôme Plus highlights the floral notes and produces wines with an elegant taste supported by good acidity. It is POF negative, that is, it does not produce volatile phenols which when found in high quantities, negatively affect wine by giving it unpleasant olfactory connotations reminiscent of paint. This strain is highly resistant to high alcoholic content and sulphur dioxide and is able to start fermentation even at low temperatures.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Floral, white pulp fruit, elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 15mg/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 13.5-14.0%

    Fermol Iper R
    (PB 2870 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    Fermol® Iper R is a suitable yeast to satisfy the needs of the more modern production technologies of white and rosé wines. It is a strain able to release and transform sulphured aromatic precursors present in grapes and preserved with hyper-reduction processes. The aromatic outline of wines fermented with Fermol® Iper R is complex and rich in floral and tropical fruit nuances, with aromatic notes reminiscent of passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, sage and box buds highlighted.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: White flowers, tropical fruit, aromatic herbs, Elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.11g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14.0-15.0%

    Fermol Chardonnay
    (PB 2585 N.reg INRA CLIB 2048 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    It highlights the nuances of ripe and exotic fruit and thanks to its high production of mannoproteins, produces wines with a full and harmonious taste. Being especially cryophilic, it is particularly suitable for the production of prized white wines, whether obtained by cold macerated or refined in barrique. The aromatic intensity, already high during fermentation, increases substantially during the refining and maturation stage.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Summer fruit, tropical fruit, Elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.1g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14.0%
  • Young Red, Nouveau Type & Rose Wines

    Fermol Rouge
    (PB 2027 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    Thanks to its vigour and resistance, it rapidly prevails over the indigenous flora found in large quantities in red wine vinification. It is particularly recommended for the production of young wines and wines for medium-term aging, with intense red berries aromas and good structure. Furthermore, when compared to other selected yeasts, Fermol® Rouge produces wines with more intense colour, given its limited ability to fix the colouring substances extracted during maceration.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Fruit of the forest, small red berries, elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 18 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.28g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: >15.0%

    Fermol MPF
    (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae / Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. uvarum)
    Association of yeasts with a short latency stage at low temperatures, ideal for modern vinification technologies aimed to the obtainment of wines with intense and livelycolours and with a fruity aromatic profile. Fermol®MPF enhances the primary aromas of grapes, in particular the aromas of strawberry,fresh fruits of the forest such as blackberries and raspberries, and sensations reminiscent of citrus peels. Fermol® MPF can be used with no doubt when fresh and fruity wines should be obtained. It is ideal for vinifications in red carried out at low temperatures, under 16°C.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Floral, small red berries, elegant and good body
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 7 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.2g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: >14.0%
  • Structured Red Wines Suitable For Aging

    Fermol Mediterranee
    (PB 2590 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    This strain produces warm, full bodied wines, suitable for aging, but already very pleasant at the end of fermentation. Fermol® Mediterranée is distinguished by its capacity to produce a high quantity of polysaccharides and mannoproteins, which, besides harmonising wine taste, rapidly induce stability in colour and tannic structure. From an aromatic point of view, it highlights varietal complexity and amplifies the sweet nuances reminiscent of jams of ripe figs and small red berries, such as red currant and cherry.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Summer fruit, fruit of the forest, sweet aromas, full body
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 12 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.29g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14.0-15.0%

    Fermol Premier Cru
    (PB 2031 N. reg. INRA CLIB 2044 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae)
    It is a yeast selected for the production of structured and complex wines, suitable for aging. It develops intense and clean aromatic nuances, due to the extremely limited production of H2S. It highlights the complexity and typicality of the cultivars, harmoniously integrating a wide range of aromatic overtones reminiscent of forest fruits, spices, aromatic herbs and small red berries. It confers good weight on the palate, thanks to its ability to produce relevant quantities of glycerine and
    polysaccharides. Fermol® Premier Cru facilitates the development of malolactic fermentation (minimal sulphur dioxide production) and, because of its overall characteristics, must be regarded as the benchmark strain for the production of high-quality red wines.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Fruit of the forest, small red berries, full bodied
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity:
  • Alcohol Tolerance:
  • Multi Purpose (for white wines, red wines and refermentations)

    Fermol Associees
    ( PB 2003 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiae / Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus)
    Multi-strain for regular and complete fermentations even under difficult circumstances. The simultaneous use of a S.cerevisiae v. cerevisiae strain (Fermol® Primeurs) with a brief latency period and of a S.cerevisiae v. bayanus strain (Fermol® Complet Killer) which multiplies strongly even with a high content of alcohol, allows a very regular fermentation run. Sugar consumption is complete even in the event of sudden changes in temperature or if the must is cooled down with external heat exchangers, as the v.bayanus strain keeps fermenting even at high or very low temperatures. The wines obtained with Fermol® Associèes display a complex and intense bouquet, thanks to the capacity of the two strains, when associated, to release a range of aromatic precursors wider than the one generated by a single yeast strain.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: White flowers, white pulp fruit, tropical fruit
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 12 – 30
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.09g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15.0%

    Fermol Complet Killer
    (PB 2305 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus)
    It is an extremely versatile yeast, suitable for primary fermentation and also for reactivating stuck fermentations or adjusting the alcoholic degree. Of particular interest is its ability to rapidly consume the fructose, normally found in larger residual quantities in wine which has experienced stuck fermentation. It is indicated
    for the primary fermentation of white wines with a tendency toward neutrality, where it intensifies the grapes’ aromatic characteristics, resulting in pleasant floral and fruity nuances that are also very stable in time.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: White flowers
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.29g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15.0%
  • Sparkling Wines

    Fermol Charmat
    (PB 2051 Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus)
    It has excellent fermentation speed and does not hide the varietal aroma. Its low nutritional requirements and considerable cryophilic propensity make Fermol® Charmat particularly suitable for the sparkling method in pressure tanks or in the bottle. Excellent results have been obtained even in the correction of stuck fermentations.

  • Sensory / Organoleptic Descriptors: Citrus fruit, elegant
  • Fermentaion Temperature: 10 – 28
  • Volatile Acidity: 0.07g/L
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 14.0-15.0%
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