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Tape Tool Model 145 vine

Tape Tool Model 145

Agrifast Simes is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial nails and staples in the world and the Simes Tape Tool is the biggest selling tape tool in Europe. The Simes model 145 Tape Tool is designed and manufactured to suit our harsh Australian climate. A heavy duty tool, engineered to quickly and efficiently train and fasten in the vineyard, nursery and orchard.

Simes horticultural tying tape to suit the Model 145 Tape Tool is versatile and comes in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Quantities: 10 Rolls per box, 27 Boxes per carton.

Simes Tapener Tape

Simes 604 Flex Staples (TTST5040) are shatter proof and crimped to ensure a 100% staple success rate.

Quantities: Approximately 5,040 staples per packet, 10 packets per box, 15 boxes per carton.

Simes 604 Flex Staples

Sime Agrifast Irrigation Fasteners

“The solution for irrigation pipeline fastening”

– Mod 140 to suit 17 – 20mm pipes and require the E45 type magazine and staples
– Mod 150 to suit 21 – 24mm pipes and require the E50 type magazine and staples
– Mod 155 to suit 25 – 28mm pipes and require the E55 type magazine and staples


Agrifast Fastener Mod155


MOD. 150_0


Simes Agrifast Rubber Ties

  • UV Stabilised
  • Heavy duty
  • Made from non-toxic vulcanised rubber
  • Re-usable up to 3-5 years
  • Economical
  • Agrifast Rubber Ties

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