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AIRD is an Australian company with a global reputation for innovation and high quality hygiene products for the wine industry.

Aird Chemistry’s hygiene products which includes the outstanding Cleanskin and Destainex are industry leading. Only premium quality raw materials are used to deliver the most innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing hygiene issues facing the wine industry today.

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Cleanskin® is a sodium-based, powder cleaner that can be used on almost any surface to quickly and effectively remove tartar build-up, discolouration, protein and organic soils from surfaces, without the need of using a high pH cleaner such as caustic.




Cleanskin®-K is a potassium-based, powder cleaner that has been developed as a product for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of effluent waste yet still want to effectively and quickly produce the same high quality clean offered from standard Cleanskin®.



Allegro is a high strength, single process liquid cleaner, effective in removing all tartrate and wine soils on stainless steel. It is an effective hydrotrope with free rinsing properties and is non-tainting to wine.


Linvasan® is a tartaric peroxyacid sanitiser, that won’t taint and is low-odour compared with traditional acetic acid sanitisers. It is effective at neutralising bacteria, yeast and other microbes from your steel and no rinsing is required after application.



PerCitra is a citric peroxyacid sanitiser, and is an excellent cost effective alternative to Linvasan. It has the same bacteria fighting abilities of Linvasan, and it’s citric base means you won’t suffer from the risk of acetic acid odours found in traditional sanitisers.
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Peroxipure-S is a broad spectrum, oxidizing and chelating disinfectant of bacteria, yeast and mould, as well as neutralizing surface chloride ions in a cold water solution. It is applied on stainless steel and associated surfaces, HDPE/PP plastic, glass and flexible wine transfer hoses.



Peroxipure-OFG is a clear, fine liquid with a mild (hydrogen peroxide) odour. It is an aqueous, Food Grade, oxidising biocide for use on internal oak surfaces and flexible wine transfer hoses. Peroxipure-OFG is a broad spectrum disinfectant of bacteria, yeast and mould, and neutralizes surface chloride ions in a cold water solution.


Citsanex is a citric acid based detergent biocide that has been developed for use on stainless steel and associated surfaces. It is a single process cleaner and sanitiser, which will minimise process steps and as with all AIRD products, it won’t taint your wine.



Destainex is our most popular cleaner and sanitiser and is our ultimate multipurpose cleaning tool. It is non-dangerous, odourless and doesn’t taint, so you can be sure it is safe to use on almost any surface. It removes colour, protein stains, mould/mildew, organic soils, off-odours and also has an oxidising agent to sanitise the cleaned surface in one process.



Destainex-LF has been formulated specifically for use in bottling lines when you require premium cleaning and sanitising agent. It still maintains all the cleaning properties found in Destainex, just with less foam. It can also be used as a spot cleaner for your work surfaces in spray bottles.


Oak Restorer® CW
Oak Restorer® CW is a mid-pH cleaner that has been specially formulated to be gentle on oak surfaces whilst still providing a powerful clean that will not taint your wine. It penetrates to remove fine solids within the porous would surface. This cold water formulation is designed for those who do not have access to hot water for cleaning.
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Oak Restorer® HW
Oak Restorer® HW is a mid-pH cleaner that has been specially formulated to be gentle on oak surfaces whilst still providing a powerful clean that will not taint your wine. It penetrates to remove fine solids within the porous would surface. This hot water formulation is the most effective variation, however a cold water variation is available.
Oak Restorer HWF.pdf



Peroxica is a mild sanitising agent that neutralises odours in your barrels. The effervescing formulation improves oxidation to give you a better sanitised surface. It is best used after cleaning with Oak Restorer to ensure the hygiene of your oak surfaces.


DeLabel is an acidic alcohol solvent detergent that has been formulated for use in a water bath to quickly and effectively remove the majority of pressure sensitive wine labels from glass surfaces. Simply soak and rinse and you’re ready for re-labelling!



Lab MPC is an effervescing oxidising powder detergent, formulated to work most effectively on glass, stainless steel and plastic surfaces. Used in a warm aqueous solution, Lab MPC is perfect for all your lab equipment internal surfaces. It has a low odour and excellent sanitation properties.
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Pop a bottle of Wineglass in your cellar door sales area and be confident you will get a streak free, bright and shiny finish. It cleans and sanitises wine glasses and is effective in both manual and machine washing processes.




Enogel – Winemaker’s Hand Soap
A no odour liquid handsoap with skin conditioner. Enogel is a pale, clear, viscous liquigel comprising a blend of
biodegradable surfactants based on plant derived substances and renewable materials.


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Ecolab Ultrasil Membrane Care Program


Ultrasil 383
Ultrasil 383 – 25 Litre Cube

Ultrasil 383 is a heavy duty alkaline additive for cross flow membrane filtration plants. Requires mixing with caustic to make solution.






Ultrasil 25 Cube
Ultrasil 25 – 25 Litre Cube

Ultrasil 25 is a liquid, chlorinated detergent developed specifically for cleaning chlorine resistant reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes.
Ultrasil 25 Tech Sheet

Citric Acid (Anhydrous) and Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) are available in 25kg bags as well as smaller repackaged quantities.