Nutrients & Bio-regulators

Fermoplus Energy GLU – Energy booster based on yeast cell walls rich in glutathione.

Fermoplus Energy GLU Tech Sheet

Fermoplus DAP Free – Complex yeast nutrient free of DAP. To keep higher alcohols and alcohol sensation low. For Organic wines.
Fermoplus DAP Free is a nutrient, suitable for organic wines, based on pure autolyzed yeast. This is not just heated live yeast that has been partially broken down, like products of this kind that have been seen in the past, but the pure extract coming from the autolysis of specific strains of yeast selected for their high content in amino acids, vitamins and Nitrogen. Autolyzed yeast provides all the nutritional elements that are needed in fermentation. Yeast extracts naturally provide YAN to the fermentation, however, if needed, winemakers may integrate this with additional DAP to complement the amount of amino Nitrogen available to the yeast. Also, toward the end of the fermentation it helps to minimize formation of fusel alcohols which may cause off flavors, sometimes described as “hot,” or “solvent-like.”
Utilization: Dissolve in must or wine and add to the tank. It is preferred to add Fermoplus DAP Free in three steps but it is most important at the beginning of the fermentation. Dosage: Standard addition is 25-40 grams/Hl (2-3 pounds/1,000 Gallons). 12g/hL of Fermoplus DAP Free provides 9 ppm of YAN.

Fermexcel is a regulator for fermentations. It is formulated to contain nutritional properties that stimulate the multiplication of yeast cells and ensures that the yeast is homogenously distributed in the mass. Fermexcel provides indispensable mineral elements, vitamins and amino acids which are needed for yeast development, growth and activity. The combination of nitrogen salts with long-bre micronized cellulose, guarantees a regular fermentation run; this is further supported by the selective adsorption activity that Fermexcel has towards medium-chain fatty acids which are produced by yeast when under conditions of metabolic stress (decanoic and dodecanoic acids). Sterols contained in the yeast hulls act as yeast survival factors, stimulating the production of long chain fatty acids and protecting the cellular membrane from the dissolving action of ethanol. Glucans and mannans released from the cellular walls of yeast hulls combine and help to adsorb toxic compounds that may be present during dicult ferments. Fermexcel provides an increased level of readily assimilable nitrogen and by supplying the must with additional vitamins, sterols and microelements, it guarantees to increase yeast cell viability. Our ultimate aim being, the best possible fermentation run. AEB Fermexcel Information Sheet
COMPOSITION: Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP), thiamine, enzymatically pre-treated yeast hulls and micronized cellulose. DOSAGE: 30 g h/L.

DAP – Di-Ammonium Phosphate
The traditional water soluble nutrient for yeast fermentations. Provides a source of nitrogen and may be added during fermentation to prevent the formation of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) rotten egg smell.

Prayphos DAP Specification Sheet