New Designs from Clayver

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Introducing the POLIFEMO from Clayver.

Italian company, Clayver, are the creators of these magnificent ceramic eggs, an ancient tradition which is shaping the future of many winemakers.

SWAT has worked closely with Clayver for more than 8 years and we’re always excited about their new designs, which ultimately means HIGH PERFORMANCES for the world of wine.

Following extensive RESEARCH and EXPERIMENTATION, Clayver have introduced some NEW shapes to their collection.

They have, in what they describe, ‘optimised their shape’. It’s the same Clayver quality in NEW capacities.

The POLIFEMO holds 650L – and would certainly look monumental in any wine cellar.

It takes its name from an imposing, one-eyed mythological figure, a CYCLOPS called Polyphemus. He was known as a cave-dwelling, WINE-LOVING, monstrous brute!

Polifemo Features:
• It’s IMPOSING and CAPACIOUS – just like its name’s sake!
• It has EXTENSIVE stainless steel support
• It has a DOMED top and bottom so as not to obstruct convective motion
• The UPPER MANHOLE is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a wine-tasting tap and 2-way drain valve
• The lower stainless steel door is removable and includes a partial drain with a 40 DIN valve – which allows TOTAL DRAINAGE from the bottom, thus facilitating the stages of peel removal, washing and sanitising
• This configuration includes a THREE-POST support with space underneath for the insertion of the collection vessel.

Bewitching and impressive, just like it’s namesake, this is the new GALATEA Galaxy from Clayver.

With every innovatively created egg barrel there is always a STORY – and this striking stoneware Galatea, in Greek mythology, is named after a beautiful sea nymph.

It’s certainly ENCHANTING and MAJESTIC – sitting comfortably at 850L – this elegant egg barrel has more than DOUBLED its capacity from its earlier configurations.

Galatea has an ELONGATED, feminine, stylish ‘egg’ shape – allowing the wine maker to increase the VOLUME of the container while still retaining the same capacity to exploit convective motion.
The process is carried out thanks to the SPHERICAL ends, which in maceration with the skins help to keep the cap compact and homogeneous.

The STORY goes like this…Galatea was in love with a young shepherd, Acis, but also the object of desire of the CYCLOPS Polyphemus (who is also named after Clayver’s egg barrel – the POLIFEMO, which we’ve also previously featured). Polyphemus was so jealous of the nymph’s love of Acis, that in a fit of rage he crushed him with a boulder and killed him. Galatea then transformed Acis into an immortal river spirit.

The story of Galatea has since been the subject of poems, operas, paintings, and statues in the Renaissance and after.

Should you want to UPGRADE and IMPRESS…then the Galatea could be for you. Clayver’s creative design means HIGH PERFORMANCE for wine!

Read more about Clayver HERE.

Contact us for pricing and information via phone – (08) 9374 0210 or email: [email protected]

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