Sharpen up your act

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It’s that time of year…to shake the dirt and dust off your secateurs and start pruning!

But wait, there’s no way you can do it with that blunt blade!

Take this as a sharp-reminder that secateurs and loppers will function far BETTER, last LONGER and be SAFER to use if they are CLEAN, SHARP and WELL-OILED.

SWAT stocks a wide range of sharpeners that suit many different tools – depending on your sharpening needs.

Whether that be a sharpening stone or a diamond file – both are indispensable for sharpening and hardening your blades.

Most of our sharpening stones are also suitable for knives, scissors, hedge shears, lopping shears and grafting knives.

We can help you choose the right grit for your tool – whether that be fine, medium or coarse abrasive surface.

SWAT also stocks well-known brands, such as Felco 902 (multi-functioning Sharpening Stone) and Felco 903 (diamond coated hardened steel Sharpening Stone) – guaranteed to restore a world-class cutting edge to tools you’ve probably take for granted for far too long.

We also have Eze-Lap Diamond Sharpeners which are robust and long-lasting – Eze-Lap has been a pioneer and originator of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970s.

So come on, it’s time to breathe some new life into the blades of pruning shears, secateurs and loppers – and transform them into the high performance cutting tools they once were.

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