Agrofer Vineyard & Orchard Machinery


Agrofer Vineyard & Orchard Machinery, based in Italy designs constructs artisanal farm machinery, from inter-row machines, manure and compost spreaders, bin trailers for collecting fruit, trailers with stainless steel containers for the transport of grapes, platforms for machines transport and other specialized trailers. 





Subsoiler D.A.R.C

The subsoiler is a machine pulled by the tractor that aerates the area between the rows. The soil between the rows is firstly compacted by the tractor, then aerated by the machine through its shares (mounted internally or externally) which penetrate in depth thank to the hydraulic cylinder.

  • ideal for row working in vineyards, orchards, olive groves and other plantations in rows.
  • Breaks the compacted layers formed at different depths.
  • Has the ability to make a horizontal cut facilitates deep water penetration, deep aeration of the soil and the restoration of adequate conditions in the development of roots.

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F.V.S Top Manure Spreader

The Manure Spreader Agrofer has been designed and built with high quality tecnological solutions to give Strength and Durability thanks to the sides and deck made with larch planks, which distinguish the Agrofer Manure Spreaders from other models

  • designed for the localised lateral spreading on vineyard or orchard rows. It has a light structure ideal to go in and out every type of row easiliy.
  • The main structure consists of cut tube profiles, while the container and the edges consist of “treated” larch planks which ensure a longer endurance and resistance to the corrosive action of the manure’s acids.

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Telescopic Trailer

The cart is designed to simplify ordinary activities such as the harvesting of fruits and vegetables grown in rows, the road transport and the unloading of containers.

  • The main structure of the chassis consists of pressed steel frame, load-bearing frame in square tubes and widening frame for bin loading.
  • The real novelty that makes this model so special is the automatic uploading and unloading of the bins through an hydraulic catenary which can be operated manually or electronically.

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Agrofer Vineyard & Orchard Machinery