Campagnola Electronic Pruners Secateurs


Powerful battery powered pruning tools with backpack or plug-in lithium ion batteries

Campagnola Easy L NEW Campagnola LN44-Easy L Electronic pruning shear

The Easy L electric secateurs are part of the new Line 44 range. They are powerful and quick and with a cutting capacity of 36 mm and weighing 810gm it is recommended for vineyards of all kinds, orchards, citrus and ornamental trees. Its excellent cutting capacity allows the pruning of any type of wood. The battery supplied guarantees full autonomy for an entire day of work. The entire Line 44 range can be connected to the same battery, ie Easy L electric shears with direct handgrip, Easy 150 electric shears with extension pole and Linker electric tying tool.


Campagnola Cobra Evo Campagnola Cobra Pro

The Campagnola Cobra Pro electronic pruner has been designed and manufactured for utmost versatility in vineyard, fruit tree & landscape pruning applications. Campagnola has invested heavily in thorough research and development, to make a dependable pruning solution available for horticulturists the world over.
You can rest assured that with the Cobra Pro you are getting is fast, reliable, versatile, comfortable, easy to use and above all a safe pruning tool. There is a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty with an additional 2 years (2+2) if the tool is serviced at end of each season.