SWAT offers a superior range of Felco Hand Pruning Tools for professionals dedicated to the nature of the job, whatever their field of activity. Whether their work involves pruning work or fructification pruning, pruning and regeneration of trees and shrubs, there is a FELCO for every wine producer, landscape gardener and fruit grower. The “Green” range features one-hand pruning shears, two-hand pruning shears, pull-stroke pruning saws, picking and trimming snips, grafting and pruning knives and is designed for both demanding professionals and amateurs.

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Basic Hand Pruners / Secateurs

These versatile and precise basic Felco models lend themselves to all types of work. Their straight cutting head allows left and right handed users alike to use the tools with ease.
Felco Basic Hand Secateurs







Ergonomic Hand Pruners / Secateurs

The Ergonomic Felco models offer cutting heads and ergonomics suited to every user, right and left handed users and/or users with large, medium or small hands. To reduce cutting effort and reduce tendonitis (RSI), the tools feature inclined cutting heads and some models offer a revolving handle that further reduces physical effort and user comfort.
Felco Ergonomic Hand Secateurs











Two-Hand Pruning Shears & Loppers

Two-handed pruning shears are the ideal tool for cutting difficult to reach branches. They allow for easier cutting.

Felco 210A-60 Lopper






Picking & Trimming Snips

FELCO’s picking and trimming snips are designed for grape harvesting, flower and fruit picking and for the light trimming of vines, plants, shoots etc. These small and ultra light shears feature stainless steel cutting heads and meet all requirements for comfort, handling and durability: soft spring action, easy locking and unlocking, and ergonomic handles fitted with a strap loop. (Made in Italy)

Felco Picking Trimming Snip





Pull Stroke Pruning Saws

Pull-stroke pruning saws guarantee rapid, clean and precise, large-diameter cutting. The blade teeth boast exceptional strength and durability thanks to the additional impulse treatment. (Made in South Korea)

Felco Hand Saw





Grafting Knives

Produced by the famous manufacturer of Swiss knives VICTORINOX, these tools are marketed in a co-branding agreement with FELCO SA. These tools have been designed to perform all grafting activities carried out by nurserymen, grape growers and horticulturists but they are also ideal for florists who like to use very sharp knives when preparing bouquets or flower displays.

Felco Grafting Knife