Fort Professional Italian made machines – multifunctional vineyard Fort mini tractors for narrow rows. The Mini tractor on tracks is able to carry out multiple operations in the field and in vineyard or orchard rows – especially where space and maneuverability is an issue. These Tractors are fully customisable with a variety of attachments available including spray units, mowers, cultivators, sweepers, scrapers and more. Also available are mini tractors on wheels and walk behind machinery including motor cultivators, motor hoes and flail mower / mulcher / shredders. All units are quality made in Italy. See the link to the Fort Website or Catalogue below for a more detailed selection of their range.


View the Fort RD25 Brochure Here

The Fort Vision project was born by the ambition to create a very compact and adaptable multifunction working machine; the operator can work with Vision in total ergonomic and ease without any special instructions… Essentially, we created something that was not in the market. Finally the project vision was born… Vision as visionary… Vision because visionary it is the ease of use, and visionary is the versatility of the machine… A multi talent machine… A “Vision” into the future…
[hr] Some of the attachments available..
Vision with mowing bar
Vision with front sweeper
Vision with flat mower
Vision with flail mower
Vision with spray unit

View the Fort Vision Brochure Here

Fort Sirio Mini Tractors for Compact Rows
Sirio Small Tractor with engine to 13kW
Fort Diablo Mini Tractor for narrow rows
Diablo Mini Tractor with engines to 9.9kW

For the full range of Fort products and information please see their WEBSITE or the FORT CATALOGUE

[hr] Fort Mini Tractors for Narrow Rows