Campagnola Electronic Olive Harvester


Campagnola Alice Premium 58 Electric Olive Harvester

Campagnola Alice 58 Olive Harvester The Campagnola Alice has been recognised as the number one selling hand-held olive harvester world-wide since its release over 10 years ago. It is designed and manufactured by Campagnola srl in their dactory and offices in Bologna Italy. Cam-pagnola srl are an ISO accredited company and the Alice is built to a very high standard with all parts available as spares. The main feature of the Alice is the patented “elliptical” motion of the 2 sets of combs with the 2 motions working in an op-posite direction to each other. The Alice fingers move at a slower speed than other harvesters but because of this action still manage to harvest more efficiently any other harvester. It is suitable for all varieties including the hardest to dis-lodge but with far less vibration and with minimal strain on the operator or the machine. This unique action also means less foliage is mixed in with the harvested olives. The fingers of the combs are made of a durable techno polymer material for less damage to the fruit and are replaceable. The Alice has 2 operating speed, 1080rpm or 1150rpm and is driven by a powerful 12V brushless motor for reliability and constancy. An 80-90 A/h 12V battery will allow 8 hours of harvesting time. If you already own a Campagnola Cobra Pro prun-er you can use the back pack battery via a small adaptor for 2 hours harvest time. It also has a power save system so when first started the Alice will go through a “start-up” phase and then go into “idle” after a few seconds. Then when the combs are placed into the tree canopy the resistance created by the foliage will trigger the motor into harvest speed. This means less wear and tear and battery drain when the Alice is running but not actually harvesting olives. Poles are available in aluminium or carbon fibre and can be either telescopic or fixed length. The weight of the head and mo-tor are balanced so the machine can be comfortably held in the centre when harvesting from low in the tree. [hr]

Campagnola Holly Power 12 – Electromechanical Olive Harvester

Campagnola Holly Olive Harverster                 The all new Holly olive harvester from Campagnola is designed specifically for the boutique grower. Recognising a vast divide in the harvesting market at an entry level, Campagnola have developed a product that suits the grower with under 100 trees. The Holly uses the same extension poles, trolley and cable as the highly sought after Campagnola Alice. Unlike other throw away tools at a similar price point, the Holly will meet the demands of boutique growers who are tired of ineffective machines, prone to malfunction and breakdown. There are plenty of imitators, but only one Campagnola. [hr]