Vintage 2024 is HERE!

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2024 Vintage is well and truly under way for the Swan Valley, Perth Hills…and believe it or not, Margaret River.

Perth’s recent heatwave of rising temperatures have seen a MASSIVE surge in the ripeness of grapes.

Winemakers in the Swan Valley have been in a madly monitoring sugar levels, acidity and flavours of the grapes – and been amazed at their readiness!

In Australia and France the unit for measuring the sugar level is Beaume (pronounced ‘bow-may’), where one Beaume is equivalent to 1% alcohol after the yeast have fermented it. Incredibly, some of the white wine varieties in the Swan Valley have been reaching Beaume of up to 14! Which means action stations for PICKING the grapes!

In fact, there has been a shortage of pickers – due to such high demand – so, it’s been very much of a team effort for many wineries.

SWAT would like to wish all the winemakers a bumper harvest – and here’s to Vintage 2024.

And remember, SWAT is HERE for all your VINTAGE needs – from pruners to snippers, clarifiers to stabilisers, nutrients to bio-regulators, jugs, buckets, storage and we’ll even through in a bit of banter when you come and visit us! 

Thanks for sharing your incredible Vintage 2024 photos – keep them coming!

The above photos are from Swan Valley wineries: Ambrook (Top pic and 3rd pic), Faber (2nd pic), Sittella (4th pic) and, the bottom pic, from Myattsfield (Perth Hills).

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