Crushers Destemmers and Sorting Conveyors

SWAT imports direct from Europe a fantastic range of crushers, destemmers and Sorting Conveyors. We have available manual and automatic machines suited for all your wine making requirements.

See the range of Zambelli Enotech Crusher / Destemmers HERE

Bucher Vaslin Delta Destemmers

Delta destemmers pride themselves on smooth process. The grapes are introduced through the hopper and can be dejuiced which improves the quality of the destemming process.

Cage hole size can be changed to suit the type of grapes being processed and the destemming paddle shaft can be changed to enable whole bunch destemming or machine harvest destemming. All Delta Destemmers have electronic variable speed to destem at your optimal rate. Please find more information here

Bucher Vaslin Delta Oscillys

This destemming process operates without beater shaft nor rotative cage. It uses an ample swinging motion of the one or two cages to separate the grapes from the stems by inertia.

Thanks to the inertia effect, there are many advantages:
• Preserved integrity of the berries (and thus limited production of juice and vegetal characters)
• Preserved state of the stems (no break, no grinding up),
• Fully separation of the grapes from the stems
• Elimination of shot berries, verjus, dry grapes, unriped grapes which remains on the stems
Delta Oscillys operate within a throughput range of 3t/h to 20t/h*
* depending on grapes varieties, condition and grapes nature

Please find more information here

Bucher Vaslin Vistalys

Delta Vistalys is a fully automated optical sorting line that will sort machine or hand harvested grapes. It removes any undesirable materials from your grapes that have previously been destemmed. This is essential for the quality of the wine, especially red wine. Please find more information here