Stainless Steel Fittings

SWAT stocks or supplies a superior range of stainless steel fittings ready made for your requirements. We supply BSM, BSP, Triclover and DIN fittings as well as made to order fittings for your particular specifications. We can arrange for the manufacture of custom fittings and adapters to your specifications.



Custom S/S Fittings made to order – BSM, BSP, Triclover etc.

Turret Fittings.

Barrel Topping/ Emptying Spears.

Stainless Steel 

Spray Balls

Valves – Butterfly, Ball Valve etc

Sparger Assemblies and accessories

O’Rings BSM, Triclover and more

Sample Taps

Dip Tapes




50 Litre Kegmenter with 4 inch Triclover closure
Hose Cleaning Pigs
Sight Glasses
Hose Clamps – Standard & Heavy Duty


SWAT stocks a fantastic range of food grade hoses including PVC F&B Wine hose, CVT (Clear Vinyl Tubing) and TMP (Translucent Multi Purpose). We also stock a range of hose clamps to suit.

Beer Line & Accessories

Clear Vinyl Tubing

Reinforced Red Spiral Suction Hose

LDPE Air Line


Wash Down Hose

Please view our hose products and specifications HERE