Cleaning is CRITICAL

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Cleaning is CRITICAL for wineries!

And, do you know we stock the ULTIMATE multi-purpose cleaning tool here at SWAT?

Destainex, removes wine colour, protein stains, mold, mildew, and biofilms from wine contact surfaces such as: stainless steel, galvanized metals, concrete, polyethene (low and high density, polypropylene, plastics, flexible hoses, glass and powder-coated surfaces.

What’s so good about it?

It’s non-dangerous

It’s odourless

It doesn’t taint

It’s smarter

It’s safer

It’s cleaner

Did you know that other cleaning chemicals can cause serious harm – burning to the eyes and skin, digestive system or lungs.

Why put yourself and your staff at risk? We all need to be vigilant when using dangerous chemicals.

Destainex is safe, reduces labour, electricity, and water cost inputs. It’s also environmentally friendly.

Created by Barry Astley-Turner, MD of Aird Chemistry, an Australian niche specialist chemical research and manufacturing organisation with a global reputation.

He said: “The quality of cleaning and hygiene is critical for the quality of wine. Our aim is making and delivering quality hygiene and cleaning products to the wine and brewing industries.”

So, while planning for this year’s vintage, why not change to cleaning safely?

We stock Destainex in various sizes, at SWAT from 4kg bags ($38.50) to 12kg containers ($115.92).

Click HERE to read how to easily  measure and mix Destainex.

We’re always happy to help with any tips and advice on how to efficiently use this product. Why not pop into SWAT and ask us today.

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