evOAK Range

SWAT are exclusive Western Australian distributors for the range of excellent Oak Solutions Group eVoak products. Whether it’s staves, chips, powders or oak tannins, SWAT can supply a diverse range of Oak flavour profiles sourced from some of the great Oak forest resources of the world.

Oak Ranges

Visit the Oak Solutions WEBSITE to explore the Oak Solutions product options which includes the Evoak, Tru-tan and Custom Blends ranges.

Unsure about how much oak to use on your wine? Try the Oak Usage Calculator.

Also available:

  • Repackaged Oak Chips in 1kg bags
  • Oak Infusion Drawstring Bags
  • Cheese Cloth (Sold by the roll or by the metre)
  • Barrel Putty

Other Resources & Information Sheets:



Bungs, Bubblers & Accessories

Silicon Bungs

  • No1 (45mm x 37mm), Solid or with hole
  • No2 (59mm x 47mm), Solid (red or white), recessed (white), fermentation (white)
  • Bubblers (water-traps)



Barrel Washer

Custom made to your specifications. Comes with rotating head, thread to your preference, option for stand or wheels.







Aird Barrel Cleaning Chemicals

See information HERE