Francesca Rotary Piston Pump

Francesca Rotary Piston Pump

Francesca Rotary Piston Pump






Francesca Rotary Piston Pump is the pump which loves wine!

PATENTED volumetric, self-priming dry pump up to -8.5 meters, with manual and automatic variation of the flow rate, the parts in contact with the liquid are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 316.
Ideal for cellar jobs: destemmed decanting, must and wine, timed replacement, filtration, bottling, passage in heat exchanger.
Optimal for barrique filling and emptying.
Easily washable and sterilizable, it allows an accurate total inspection of the parts in contact with the product poured through the opening of the front cover.
Maximum working pressure: 3 bar.
Rotor rotation speed: minimum 4 rpm maximum 252 rpm.

Francesca is..
– Gentle Decanting with linear and constant liquid flow
– Fully washable and sterilisable at 100 degrees C
– Totally accessibility to all parts in contact with the liquid
– No liquid remains inside at the end of the racking process
– Self priming up to 8.5 metres
– Electronic flow capacity change (manual & automatic)
– Flow reversal from the electronic panel
– Multi-function wireless remote control
– Easy, fast and economic maintenance


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About Francesca
Francesca Pompe Enologiche has revolutionised the cellar transfer system with the development of its first patent: the Francesca® pump which places innovative high quality mechanics and dedicated electronics side by side rendering the work of wine experts and winemakers practical, accurate and reliable.

Since 1997, the experience and passion handed down over generations together with the knowledge of the most advanced technologies accompany the work of Mr. Roberto Manzini (founding member and head of the R&D sector) in the research and design of innovative solutions to facilitate all wine transfer operations, from the wine pressing up to the bottling stage.

Therefore, thanks to specific engineering work, Francesca Pompe Enologiche builds and tests machinery able to support the delicate transfer stages, adapting to individual necessities and always respecting the wine: a quality product stemming from our traditions.