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SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OLIVE EMAIL CAMPAIGNS HERE! [hr]   Campagnola CAMPAGNOLA Olive Harvesters SWAT sells the unique Campagnola ‘Alice’ electromechanical olive harvester. This olive harvester with its side to side and elliptical dual rake motion is proving efficient at removing olives from unpruned trees. SWAT sells and stocks a wide range of Campagnola tools and spare parts.   Alice-Elektra-low.pdf Alice-Elektra-tech-low.pdf         [hr] Campagnola Holly 12 Electro-mechanical Harvester Campagnola Holly Power 12 full Campagnola Holly Power 12                 The all new Holly olive harvester from Campagnola is designed specifically for the boutique grower. Recognising a vast divide in the harvesting market at an entry level, Campagnola have developed a product that suits the grower with under 100 trees. The Holly uses the same extension poles, trolley and cable as the highly sought after Campagnola Alice. Unlike other throw away tools at a similar price point, the Holly will meet the demands of boutique growers who are tired of ineffective machines, prone to malfunction and breakdown. There are plenty of imitators, but only one Campagnola. More info HERE [hr] Olive Harvesting Nets Italian 90g per square metre olive harvesting nets are of a very high quality. Featuring double stitching, a tight polyethylene weave and eyelets in each corner and every 2 metres.
  • Technical Information
  • High quality, fine mesh weave.
  • 6m x 12m.
  • Weight – 6480g. [hr] Olive Leaf Blower Olive Leaf Blower M5000 Leaf Foliage Remover – 1.6kW Petrol Powered (Electric also available) – 40 kg Capacity [hr] Olive Cleaner Manual Olive Cleaner – Light weight wooden frame – Removes leaves and dirt [hr] Economy Plastic Olive Rake Economy Plastic Olive Rake [hr] Stainless Steel Oil Containers Stainless Steel Oil Containers – Available in 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 100 Litres – Suitable for olive oil, wine, honey and other food and beverage applications. [hr] Oil Containers Oil Containers – Available in 5 Litres (Rectangular), and 10 Litres (Cylindrical). Seal & spout options available. [hr] Olive Oil Filter Bags Olive Oil Filter Bags – Available in 5, 10, 25, 50 Litres [hr] Bird Netting Bird Netting SWAT now stocks a range of bird netting in 15mm – 10m x 10m or 6.5m x 6.5m packs currently available. Contact us to discuss your requirements. [hr] Also Available:
  • Felco & Falket Grafting Knives
  • Grafting Tools
  • Grafting Tape
  • Bird Scare Tape
  • Picking Boxes & Bags
  • Simes / Agrifast Tapener Tools and Tape
  • Simes Staple Tools & Staples
  • Tree Wound Sealant / Dressing
  • [hr] 8723-AS Olive Enzyme Olive Oil Extraction Enzyme 8723-AS is an enzymatic preparation that enables to optimise the treatment of the olive paste in such a way that the oil extraction from the drupes is maximised and made easier. View the 8723-AS Enzyme Info Sheet [hr]