Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps [hr]

Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps

Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps are self-priming, relatively gentle, and can handle a variety of liquid product, including those containing solids. Zambelli’s range covers models to suit a variety of requirements. Options include:
  • ICDR – Frequency Drive Controller (Inverter)
  • Manual Varispeed Control
  • Single Phase / 3 Phase
  • Remote Control
  • Trolley options
  • Various outlet fitting options

    Click the pump images below for pump details and options

    PUMP T12
    Impeller pump T-12
    Zambelli T25 Impeller PumpPUMP T25
    Impeller pump model T25

    25 Hl/hour

    900 r.p.m. – 4 bar
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T40PUMP T40
    Impeller Pump Tifone T40

    53 Hl/hour
    900 r.p.m. – 4 bar
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T70PUMP T70
    Impeller Pump Tifone T70

    0-85 Hl/hour
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T110PUMP T110
    Impeller pump Tifone T110

    0-120 Hl/hour
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T180PUMP T180
    Impeller pump “Tifone” T180

    0-190 Hl/hour
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T250PUMP T250
    Impeller pump “Tifone” T250

    0-240 Hl/hour
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T500PUMP T500
    Impeller pump “Tifone” T500

    0-420 Hl/hour
    Zambelli Impeller Pump T800PUMP T800
    Impeller pump “Tifone” T800

    0-630 Hl/hour

    Service, Parts & Accessories

    SWAT supplies a comprehensive range of Zambelli Pump spare parts including replacement rubber impellers, seals and seal kits and can carry out most repairs and servicing on site at either of our site workshops. CONTACT US if you require further information or a quote!

    About Zambelli Enotech

    With a strong tradition of over 100 years ZAMBELLI ENOTECH (founded in 1888) is a reliable reference point in the Italian market and abroad, for machinery and equipment of the highest quality in the industry wine, fruit and oil. Currently Zambelli Enotech manufacture a wide range of products that includes pumps, filters, destemmers, refrigerators, vertical and pneumatic presses, semi-automatic bottling lines and other equipment for oenology, for fruit processing and olive oil cold extraction. Nowadays Zambelli Enotech products are appreciated both in Italy and internationally. Zambelli Enotech now exports most of the world; obtaining these excellent results is a stimulus to growth for a company that has always been able to renew itself over time.