Grafting Knives, Tools & Accessories

SWAT Supplies a good range of Grafting Knives, Tools & Accessories from manufacturers including Felco, Falket, Bahco and more.

Felco Grafting Knives

The Felco name is synonymous around the world with top quality, reliable tools for gardening and agriculture and their range of grafting and budding knives is no exception.
Felco Grafting & Budding Knives

Falket Grafting Knives

The attention to detail and dedication to quality Falket have demonstrated across their range is clearly evident in Falket grafting knives.
Falket Grafting Knives

The model P-series of grafting knives feature a forged blade and a comfortable, polished, wooden handle. Perfect tools for professionals that take their grafting seriously.
Falket Grafting Knives

Falket Grafting Knives

Grafting Tools

Grafting Tool


Grafting Crown Tool

Economical Grafting Tool
Grafting ToolGrafting Tool

Grafting & Budding Tape

Embossed grafting & budding tape. Available in 12mm, 19mm and 25mm sizes.
Embossed Grafting Tape

Tree Wound Sealant

Tree Stac Sealant
A Low Cost PVA Based Glue for Sealing Tree Wounds and Grafts Non Toxic, Ideal for Small Jobs and Hobby Grafting




Ryset Tree Sealant
Ryset Tree Sealant
Ideal for Tree Wound Dressing & Grafting Sealant, Dark Brown. Unique Blend of Rubber Latex and Bitumen which has Superior Elasticity and Water Resistance. It is Non Solvent and Non Toxic, Ideal for Sealing Grafts, Covering Fresh Pruning Cuts or Filling Older Wound and Cavities..
Packaging Type: Plastic Tub: 500ml – GT869, 2L = GT870

Grafting Knives, Tools & Accessories