GREENSEAL Pruning Wound Dressing

Greenseal™ is a specially developed pruning wound dressing, incorporating a fungicide Tebuconazole 10g/L, into a tough rubber like acrylic resin. The tough acrylic resin is easy to apply, UV resistant, flexible, waterproof, dries quickly and encourages callusing to ensure rapid wound closure. During pruning, grape vines are exposed to the fungal infection Eutypa Lata, which can easily gain access via the new wounds. Greenseal seals the wound, but also stops the fungal infection if airborne spores have had time to infect the exposed pruning wound.


Omnia Greenseal Pruning Dressing
Omnia Greenseal Pruning Dressing

Greenseal™ is easy to apply and dries quickly to seal off pruning wounds to provide protection against Eutypa Lata and Silver leaf.

Omnia Greenseal Pruning Dressing



  • Seals off pruning and grafting wounds for effective control of Euytpa Lata and Silver leaf
  • Highly flexible to cope with expansion/contraction of wood whilst maintaining the integrity of the seal
  • Ready-made applicator is easy to use and is refillable many times over
  • Assists in the plants natural healing process by promoting wound “callus” formation


  • Once Eutypa dieback becomes so extensive that the entire vine is compromised, vine reconstruction strategies should be seriously considered if productivity is to be restored.
  • Be sure to apply Greenseal™ the same day as pruning cuts are made.
  • Make clean, smooth pruning cuts with sharp pruners or saws. This helps provide a good surface for the Greenseal™ application to adhere to.
  • Cut and train: The trunk is cut 10-20 cm below any signs of brown Eutypa staining and a new basal shoot is trained. This maintains the existing rootstock. Yield will be zero until a new vine structure becomes established.
  • Train and cut: A healthy shoot is selected from the base of the trunk and trained up. The infected trunk is not removed until the new shoot is producing.
    Depending on vine structure, size of pruning wounds made and pruning regime (spur or cane pruned), application rates of Greenseal™ will vary between 2-8L per ha.

Available in 2 Litre & 10 Litre containers.

Omnia Greenseal Pruning Dressing