VIMEG Technologies is a young, dynamic and competitive company that designs and manufactures automatic bottling lines in different combinations. These high quality Italian made Vimeg Prima Bottling Lines can be configured and monoblock, Biblock, Triblock and Quadriblock with capacities from 800 to 3000 bottles per hour. Rinsing and filling machines are available in varying capacities to be combined with cork, screwcap or crown seal applicators. View the brochures: VIMEG MONOBLOC VIMEG PRIMA BOTTLING LINES Monoblock Filler and Corking Machine [hr] Biblock Filler and Screw Capping Machine [hr] Triblock consisting of Rinsing Machine, Filler and Corker [hr] Quadriblock consisting of Rinsing Machine, Filler, Corker and Screw Capping Machine [hr]