Bucher Vaslin Delta Pumps

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Bucher Vaslin Delta Pumps

Delta PMV Open Throat Pump








The working principle of the Delta PMV Open Throat Pump enables a very smooth grapes transfer. Two moving parts : a gavage screw and a helical rotor are sufficient to ensure a continuous transfer of the
grapes. Little maintenance is needed, as the material circulating in the pump automatically lubricates its body.

. Grape level detection probe in the hopper
. Devatting plate / grid for transfer of vatted pomace with 2 locking switches (except Delta PMV1)
. An intermediate grid to use the pump under a destemmer, with or without a crusher

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Delta DP Peristaltic Pump

Bucher Vaslin Delta DP Peristaltic PumpBucher Vaslin Delta DP Peristaltic Pump






The Delta DP Peristaltic pump has two functions : pump for fresh grapes and wine.
. Smooth, continuous transfer of grapes
. Quality transfer of wine

Description :
Body of pump in stainless steel AISI 304
Hose in food grade material (EPDM)
Motor controlled by variable speed drive to regulate pump flow rate
Pressure gauge to stop the pump in case of over-pressure on back-pressure
Pressure gauge can be used as safety valve when filling barrels

. Feeding hopper with auger

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About Bucher Vaslin
Bucher Vaslin designs, manufactures, and sells, only or through its network of exclusive distributors, processes and materials exclusively intended for the transformation of grapes to wine ready for marketing.