A Multi-Function Tool Carrier – 14 Machines In One

The Caba Lotti company was founded in Italy in 2001 and immediately specialised in the production of machines for inter-row workings in vineyards and orchards. The IT series inter-row cultivators are multi-functional tool carrier machines that can be used with a range of Lotti attachments to carry out various inter-row soil working, leaf canopy management and grass / weed control. There are a range of models to suit both large and small operations and budgets. Lotti has options for tool carrier models that are front, rear or mid mount and the machine’s head on which you mount the tools can be adjusted both positively and negatively, allowing work on a variety of ground types. Stability and precision are guaranteed by a solid and reliable frame and by the application of two adjustable support wheels.

The Lotti tool attachments include de-suckering, leaf cutting bars, pre-pruning and deflowering attachments to manage leaf canopy and growth. For soil work there are attachments including Hoeing and Rigding discs, sub-surface cutting blades and the Roterra rotary soil rake. Finally to manage grass and weeds there is the rotary mower and vertical wire shredder as well as the Fast Disc and Weeding Star.

The greatest advantage of the Lotti machines is that they potentially 14 or more machines in one with reasonably quick change-over of tool attachments making it an economical option for your vineyard or orchard.

Lotti Machines At Work
In this video you can start to get in touch with Lotti machines and all their possible applications. You can see in-row cultivators for any kind of workings, trimmers for summer thinning in vineyards or pruning in orchards and the versatile and comfortable tool-carriers. Don’t stop here, enjoy the video and choose the right machine for you.

Multi-Function Tool Carrier