Wine & Fruit Press – Basket, Pneumatic


Basket Press, Pneumatic Pressing – Our oenological knowledge of pressing is an additional guarantee of superior quality and efficiency. Quality wine making involves a series of steps of which pressing is one of the most decisive and difficult to manage.

The pneumatic and automated basked presses represent the essential tools for this process. The large diversity of grape varieties and change in grape quality year to year require a fine, accurate adaption of the process operation to obtain perfect juice and constant quality.

Bucher Vaslin Xpert Pneumatic PressBucher Vaslin Pneumatic Presses
BV XPert Press
BV XPlus Press
BV XPro Press
BV Multi Cider & Fruit Press




Bucher Vaslin Basket PressBucher Vaslin Basket Presses
BV JLB Basket Press
BV JLB5 Basket Press

Hydraulic Basket Press

Marchisio Hydraulic Basket Presses

Available in Stainless Steel and enamel/timber. From 85 to 550 litre capacity.



Ratchet Basket Press

Marchisio Hand Ratchet Basket Presses

Available in Stainless Steel: 5 to 130 Litres, and enamel/timber. From 5 to 550 litre capacity.



Idro Water Press
Available in Stainless Steel and enamel/timber. From 14 to 320 litre capacity.

Using your mains water pressure, press your fruit.

Easy to clean and maintain. More on our technical page.