SWAT now supplies Laffort Direct Inoculation MLF Bacteria - a simple, no fuss "rip & tip" method to get your Malo-Lactic Fermentation off and running!


B7 Direct Inoculation MLF Bacteria

Acclimatised Oenococcus oeni strain intended for direct inoculation of white, rosé and red wines.

Strain that performs reliably in wide-ranging conditions of pH, alcohol, SO2, temperature and tannic structure, in red, white and rosé wines.

Package Sizes: 2.5hL, 25hL, 250hL

Product data sheet LACTOENOS® B7 Direct


SB3 Direct Inoculation MLF Bacteria

Oenococcus oeni strain for direct inoculation of red wines.

Thanks to the direct process, LACTOENOS® SB3 DIRECT can be inoculated directly into wines without rehydration.
In association with good fermentation management and correct yeast nutrition, LACTOENOS® SB3 DIRECT can be inoculated at the start of alcoholic fermentation (early co-inoculation) to ensure rapid MLF initiation.

Package Sizes: 25hL, 250hL

Product data sheet LACTOENOS® SB3 Direct


Maloboost MLF Nutrient

Lactic acid bacteria activator facilitating the start of the malolactic fermentation (MLF) and accelerating the kinetic.

MALOBOOST® promotes the growth of lactic acid bacteria and allows for a faster MLF.
MALOBOOST® is mainly used:

– In wines lacking in nutrients (thermovinification, absence of lees, very low turbidity…).
– After a sluggish alcoholic fermentation.
– In case of difficult conditions: High ABV, low temperature, low acidity, late or “springtime” MLF…
– Suitable for all types of wine.
– MALOBOOST® is neutral from an organoleptic point of view.

Product data sheet MALOBOOST®

Direct Inoculation MLF Bacteria