Equipment to help you bottle and package your products

We have manual and automatic bottle filling, capping and labeling machines and a wide range of closures and packaging options to suit your requirements. We sell a variety of cork and plastic closures as well as PVC heat shrink capsules and bottle sealing wax. We have readily available everything you need from cleaning and sterilizing products as well as funnels, cartons, dividers, and carry packs.

Zambelli Vimeg Prima Monobloc, Bibloc, Tribloc and Quadlibloc bottling solutions. Click the image for more information!

Zambelli Gravity & Vacuum Filling Machines

Zambelli stainless steel bottle fillers are designed to satisfy the requirements of small wineries. The machines are built entirely from 304 stainless steel and the spouts are flexible to facilitate the insertion and extraction of the bottles.

The machines are available in tall or short versions and may be equipped with filling floats and by-pass pump. We stock the four and six head fillers complete with a range of spare parts.

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Tenco Enolmatic Single Head Vacuum Filler

The Enolmatic single head vacuum bottle filler is a very popular option for the winemaker.

ENOLMATIC  – Single head vacuum bottle filler. This bench model Enolmatic is reliable, easy to use and suitable for any winemaking set-up. Production capacity is approximately 200 bottles per hour. Options include kits suitable for bottling olive oil and tomato sauce. Kits are also available for filling demi-johns and jars. Sales and spare parts are available at SWAT.

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See it in action

Tenco Enolmaster Four Head Vacuum Filler

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See it in action

See it in action!

Tenco Enolmaster

Tenco Enolmaster Four Head Vacuum Filler

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Tenco Semi-Automatic Descending Head Capping Machine

Tenco Capping Machine


Ferrinox EKO10 Semi-Automatic Labeller


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Marchisio Europe 2 Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine

Europe 2 Labeller Europe 2 Labeller[/caption]Semi-automatic labelling machine on wheels, able to stick front and back label during the same cycle form two different
spools. This machine allows to label cylindrical glass bottles, containers made of synthetic materials and also pots, thank
to the moving upper roller. With appropriate options it is possible to read reference marks, to stick a label later, to stick
transparent labels, to install the stamping unit, and so on. It is in conformity with EC safety standards and the electronic
board with microprocessor enables to use different
labelling variants.
The basic version sticks front and back label from two different spools.



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