Felco Powerblade

Light, strong, tremendously efficient: FELCO Powerblade Series Electronic Pruning Shears / Secateurs were designed for all intensive work. Whether it be vineyard work, arboriculture, the upkeep of orchards, parks or gardens. The electronically controlled POWERBLADE 802, 812 and 822, offer incomparable power and precision. Professionals will be delighted with its ergonomics and ease of maneuverability.

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Felco 802 Powerblade Series Pruning Shear

Felco Powerblade Series 802 Hand Piece

Be prepared for a defining moment when you first use the FELCO 802 electric pruning shears. We describe this as an extension of your body – as you experience those few seconds of disbelief when you realise how much speed, precision and power these electric pruning shears deliver so comfortably into your hand with so little effort.

The FELCO 802 is so light, precise, and easy to handle, that you will be able to prune intensively an entire day without barely using your muscles.




Felco Powerblade Series 802 Pack

Felco 812 Powerblade Series Pruning Shear

Your pruning tasks will undoubtedly become easier and your productivity will grow significantly with the FELCO 812 whether in cutting branches or vines, this tool is your versatile pruning companion that cuts comfortably and effortlessly through branches up to 35mm / 1.4inches with ease.

For FELCO, innovation is always about enhancement never compromise, the FELCO 812 has a combination of ergonomics, speed, power and manoeuvrability that make it versatile to perform in many environments across horticulture, viticulture and landscaping. 

Felco 822 Powerblade Series Pruning Shear

The FELCO 822 electric pruning shears are very powerful, cutting through hardwood up to 45mm / 1.8 inch in diameter with ease, meeting the toughest demands of horticulture, parks and gardens, nurseries, viticulture and forestry.

You will be amazed that with only a small finger movement you can now cut through large, tough branches cleanly in seconds, saving you time, energy and strain throughout an entire day of intensive pruning – no one will blame you if you smile broadly as you make an effortless clean, precise cut through each branch.


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