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Omac Soft Air Diaphragm Pumps

[hr] Omac Soft Air Diaphragm Pump           Omac Air Diaphragm Pumps are air operated, double diaphragm positive displacement, self priming pumps designed for pumping fluids including wine and other beverages. Omac Air Diaphragm Pumps are especially suitable for applications where flammable spirits are involved. No direct electricity is required to run the pump, rather the pump is operated via compressed air from an external compressor. Thanks to their constructive features, pneumatic pumps with double diaphragm SOFT-AIR can be used for handling and pumping products designed for food industry. They are made of certificated materials FDA. The parts which get in touch with the fluid, in fact, are exclusively shining-polish AISI 316 and PTFE: these materials are certificated for feed uses. The pumps are able to handle fluids with high viscosity and temperatures that can reach 95° C. MAIN FEATURES: • structure in shining-polish AISI 316 with roughness 2,7 μm • dry self-priming up to 6 m • unlimited dry-working • pneumatic circuit and easy maintenance • possibility of flow rate-regulating, hydraulic head-regulating and speed-regulating • different types of installations and configurations • certification ATEX • discharge cap with connections suitable for various uses • joints of aspiration and flow CLAMP View the BROCHURE! [hr] Like SWAT on FACEBOOK!