SWAT stocks a range of Amorim Cork closures including natural, technical, agglomerate and stopper corks ready for application.

Cork – The Natural Choice Presentation

    Agglomerate Cork Info.pdf


    Sparkling Wine Corks






    Neutro Cork
    Cork Size: 44mm x 24mm (38mm x 24mm also available)
    Cork Grade: NE
    Product Code:
    Neutrocork Info.pdf



    Twin Tops

    Twin Top Corks
    Cork Size: 44mm x 23.5mm
    Cork Grade: Ref1
    Product Code: 44×23.5/R1
    Twin Top Cork Specs.pdf




    Stopper Cork

    Stopper Corks
    Cork Size: 27mm x 20.5mm x 19.5mm
    Cork Grade: Super
    Product Code: 02FSU00007754





    ICAS Muselets

    ICAS Muselets

    Premium Muselets for Sparkling wine wire hoods.




    Sparkling Hoods


    Always on hand are the innovative Nova closures. Nova is a flexible, eco-friendly, reliable and safe closure for the wine industry. Available in a range of colours from SWAT.

    Advantages of Novatwist
    – The cap features an elegant design with the absence of visible threads.
    – Opening and closing is done with ease and comfort.
    – Opening torques are consistent.
    – The caps remain airtight and can be applied and reapplied repeatedly without loss of effectiveness.
    – Novatwist enables a safe use (no cutting edges).
    – Bottles can be stored upright or lying down.
    – Original aromas are preserved.


    Wax cropped





    Bottle Sealing Wax (Pelletised)

    Available in multiple colour options including: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Plum, Silver, Yellow/Gold and Pearl White.