OLIVE harvesting tools that won’t take you to the pits!

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Olive harvesting requires TECHNIQUE, SKILLS and CAREFUL selection of the RIGHT tools to use.

Attention to detail matters! Did you know, that your productivity depends on these precious items and CHOOSING them carefully allows you to MAXIMISE your HARVEST.

SWAT is a one-stop shop for all your olive harvesting needs, from olive NETS, hand-held olive RAKES, picking SNIPS to the number one-selling hand-held HARVESTERS, from worldwide leading Italian brand, Campagnola.

Think CUTTING-EDGE harvesting tools that are built to a very high-standard – which ultimately means EXCELLENT RESULTS during each season.

SWAT have a wide range of ideal tools for your olive grove, including the Campagnola Alice – which has been recognised as the number one selling hand-held olive harvester world-wide since its release over 10 years ago, and the Camagnola Holly, designed specifically for the boutique grower.


  • Designed for INTENSIVE professional use
  • Has “elliptical” motion of the 2 sets of combs (resistant technopolymer prongs) with the 2 motions working in an opposite direction to each other;
  • Fingers move at a slower speed than other harvesters but because of this action still manage to harvest more efficiently any other harvester;
  • The fingers of the combs are made of a durable techno polymer material for less damage to the fruit and are replaceable;
  • The Alice has 2 operating speed, 1080rpm or 1150rpm and is driven by a powerful 12V brushless motor for reliability and constancy;
  • An 80-90 A/h 12V battery will allow 8 hours of harvesting time;
  • It’s extremely LOW and BALANCED weight maximises its handiness as well as olive grower’s comfort.

Extension poles are also available for the Alice – in aluminum or carbon fibre and can be either telescopic or fixed length.


  • Designed specifically for the BOUTIQUE grower with under 100 trees;
  • It is fitted with flexible technopolymer prongs, which perform an elliptical movement – 2 motions working in an opposite direction to each other;
  • It is a LOW and BALANCED weight;
  • Three available power modes – lithium-ion battery, car battery and electric generator);
  • The Holly uses the same extension poles, trolley and cable as the highly sought after Campagnola Alice.

Click HERE for details of the Alice and Holly harvesters. We also stick a wide range of Sansone welded stainless steel oil drums – the perfect vessel to store olive oil.

Pop into SWAT for more advice – we’re always happy to help.


  • Olive is a vegetable, but it is technically classified as a FRUIT!
  • Fossil evidence indicates the olive tree had its origins 20-40 MILLION YEARS AGO  in the Oligocene region corresponding to Italy and the eastern Mediterranean Basin.
  • It is believed the OLDEST tree in WA is in the grounds of Government House and as planted in 1831 by Captain James Mangles, who brought with him four olive varieties from Lebrija near Cadiz in Spain.
  • The olive tree starts to BLOOM after 4 years.
  • The FIRST harvest can be expected after 15 YEARS!
  • The olive tree is EVERGREEN and can live up to 2000 years. Today there are over 800 million olive trees planted worldwide.
  • The average LIFE of an olive tree though is between 300 and 600 years.
  • 90% of all harvested olives are turned into OLIVE OIL and only about 10% are used as TABLE olives.
  • The olive branch was often a symbol of ABUNDANCE, GLORY and PEACE. Over history, the olive tree’s symbolism has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.

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