A wave of ‘Eggsperimental ‘ winemakers in Australia

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Everything ‘Old’ is ‘New’ again.

A wave of ‘eggsperimental ‘ winemakers are fascinated by an ancient tradition that dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Introducing the Clayver, a ceramic ‘egg shaped’ wine fermenter.

It may look like some modern or futuristic vessel but it’s inspired by the Roman amphorae.

The Greeks and Romans used the vessel for transporting and storing grapes, wine and olive oil.

And today, the Clayver, has been designed specifically for winemaking, including fermentation, conservation and ageing.

Clayver is an Italian company, that offers certified and traceable ceramic wine barrels. Their design meets high performances for wine.

And did you know that these wonderful ceramic containers, are available at SWAT?

Click HERE for more information and for the Clayver brochure.




      • Made from a special type of highly consistent compact sandstone, similar in many ways to natural granite.

      • Unlike terracotta, it is very tough, which makes it easier to handle.

      • The material is waterproof and therefore no special provisions are necessary to prevent the evaporation of the liquid, such as wax, enamel or resin coating.

    These clay eggs maintain the sleekness of a stainless steel aged wine but achieve a textural depth and roundness that is quite unique.

    The Clayver doesn’t impart flavour, it’s neutrality makes it very appealing to winemakers seeking to tell their own story of their vineyard: grape and terroir.

    It’s certainly inspired many winemakers across Australia.


    We spoke to Josh and Rachael Davenport, from Myattsfield in Perth’s Bickley Valley.

    They have been using Clayvers since 2018 and they currently have 4x 400L and 1x 250L.



    We asked them some QUESTIONS about why Clayver?

    1. What inspired you to ‘eggsperiment’ with Clayver? Our Eggsperiment was to see how the wine reacted in the Clayver vs stainless steel. We found that with whites, the acide profile changed. For example, Vermentino fermented in stainless steel has a lemon pith flavoured acid profile, BUT Vermentino fermented in the egg gave a rounder, softer, lemon sherbet flavoured. With red wines in Clayver vs oak – the Clayver keeps reds reductive and very fruit driven – there’s a good fruit drive on the palate but hard. Oak gives the wines a round, softer mouthfeel and a bit more depth to flavour. The reds benefit from time in the Clayver to maintain fruit flavour, then a short amount of time in oak to broaden the palate and give the fruit a bit more depth.
    2. Is there specific wine varietals that Clayver is more suited to? We have enjoyed the results on whites (Vermentino, Fiano) and low tannin reds (Grenache and Zinfandel). High tannin reds we have found need a period of time in oak to soften.
    3.  Clayver ‘doesn’t impart flavour, it’s neutrality makes it very appealing to winemakers seeking to tell their own story of their vineyard: grape and terroir” – how does Clayver help to tell Myattsfield’s story? We’re still working out what story we want to tell but we do enjoy the pristine fruit it delivers with the softening of acid, in the whites particularly. We find it a great blending tool to give the wine more depth and character.
    4. You still use oak barrels – do you have a personal preference for Clayver vs oak? Our preference is to use both to give us blending options.
    5. What kind of reaction/reviews do you receive from your customers? Has the use of Clayvers generated sales/interest? People are always fascinated with the story of the Clayver and its always fun to show people how the wine reacts in the Clayver vs stainless steel or oak and then how they can be used together to create layers and depth in a wine.


    Below is a video of Josh and Rachael steam cleaning one of their Clayvers.



    Cleaning Clayver is very simple. Hot water, steam or concentrated solutions of tartaric acid, citric acid, etc. may be used.


    For more INFORMATION on Clayvers, pop into SWAT – our team is always on hand to give you any advice.


    ‘EGGCITING’ NEWS: We have a couple of Clayvers in STOCK at our Midvale store – so you can have an ‘eggslusive” look for yourself!



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