YEAST – for high precision wine making

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Our Wine Yeast range here at SWAT is second to none!

Made especially for high-precision winemaking, the Laffort ZYMAFLORE range features a selection of yeast with their own individual, unique and remarkable qualities.

They work to:
ENHANCE a wine’s aromas
IMPROVE perception of volume in the mouth and;
OFFER technical advantages (reducing VA or SO2, etc).

Laffort’s precise enological approach is embodied by NATURAL products while respecting the grape varieties’ distinctiveness and the terroir’s authenticity.

Here at SWAT, we’re more than happy to ADVISE on what yeast suits your wine and have wealth of information in our store. Click HERE to view the Laffort Zymaflore Yeast Range. Please check with SWAT to confirm availability.

Pop in and see us today for all your Wine Yeast needs!

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