Make Brewery Hygiene SIMPLE & SAFE

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ATTENTION all brewers!

We know Christmas is just around the corner…and it’s the busiest time of the year for many pubs, bars and breweries.

But it’s important not to forget about brewery HYGIENE.

Want to know how to make your brewery hygiene SIMPLE and SAFE?

Beerox is the answer!

It’s a super smart cleaning agent designed specifically for brewers.

We’ve already talked about Destainex in a previous blog post – well, Beerox, belongs to the same cleaning family!

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Beerox products are:

  • Non- dangerous
  • Environmentally sensitive


Cleaning and sanitising in any brewery is essential – but YOU can do it better.

Stop using dangerous chemicals – which are not only shocking for the environment but can cause serious harm to your staff and colleagues – make the switch to a safer product.

Created by Aird, an Australian niche specialist chemical research and manufacturing organisation – their aim is making and delivering quality hygiene and cleaning products to the wine and brewing industries.

Beerox can be used to clean and REMOVE colour and light soils from stainless steel surfaces and vessels, transfer lines, fittings, protein stain removal, floors and general purpose cleaning – and it also has a SANITISING effect on surfaces and vessels.

It’s pretty versatile to use, once you’ve mixed the Brew Clean solution, it can be used with a spray-wash system, brush, mop or cloth or as a soak bath method.

We stock Beerox in various sizes – from 4kg bags to 12kg pails, at SWAT, so why not try something SAFE?

We’re always on hand to give you advice, pop in and see us today.

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